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Company Profile

How we Work

We have embraced the Lean process as part of the focus on continuous improvement. Lean seeks to examine high-impact business processes and improve operational efficiencies, reduce waste and improve overall delivery of services for our clients.


Our production is primarily focused on quality. We continually strive to design, produce and promote the best value products for our clients considering the price vs. the productivity of the system and the ROI.

PZ 3D Design Support

When designers or engineers give us a technical problem, they know they can count on us. We have the technology and skill resources to provide a solution. More than that, they can be certain that what we come up with are solutions that are optimised for maximum performance and maximum cost reduction – without compromising performance and quality. We design solutions for tomorrow – today.

FEM (Finite Element Methods) – FEA (Finite Element Analysis). The use of specified software provides simulation under real conditions static and dynamic strains thus being able to provide reliability to parts and systems.

PZ Design Philosophy

As we have already mentioned, we forward-think. We keep abreast of concrete technology advances, and work closely with engineers to conceive formwork systems that will take advantage of developments. In that way we are ahead of the game, ready to help engineers to bring designs to life.

At PZ we are constantly researching, designing and developing methods of exploiting the benefits of concrete in construction. Our engineers fully understand the technical characteristics of the materials they are working with, they know about their applications, limitations, advantages and critical features related to health and safety, and sustainability. In this way our designs for high-efficiency formwork solutions are always leading- edge, always cost-effective and always totally safe.

Project Management

Managing the processes involved in a complex formwork project is critical to its overall success. When it comes to effective implementation of a PZ formwork system on site, responsibility rests at the design stage, where our engineers get to understand the project and construction characteristics in detail; assessing facilities or site limitations, and
then designing or proposing the most effective system that will meet the project needs.

Responsibility continues from delivery of materials to the site through to project completion, and subsequent dis-assembly and removal. Due to the sophisticated and responsive systems we employ, we are able to manage specification changes and deviations, whether structural or architectural.

High Quality Products

We have built a reputation as a strong family business that has quality at its heart. We never, ever, compromise on quality, consistently delivering superior products and solutions to ensure absolute performance and customer success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help transform the way our customers work by providing exceptional products, systems and dedicated services. We will pioneer new directions and approaches, finding innovative ways to utilize and extend the bounds of formwork and scaffolding potential. We will make a difference; our products, services and insights will help our customers around the world – helping to shape their projects in the most cost-effective and safe way possible.