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Steel rebar — the usual phrase that refers to reinforcing bar steel — is a common steel bar and an important component of reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. Rebars are formed from mild steel, and are given ridges for better adhesiveness to concrete. Concrete is very strong in compression, but it has almost no strength in tension. To compensate for this deficiency in concrete’s behaviour, steel rebars are strategically integrated into a structure to support the heavy loads. We stock a wide range in metric rebar designations (which represent the nominal bar diameter in millimetres). All rebars comply with Cyprus and international EN10080 standards.



Mesh is a prefabricated steel wire reinforcement material, formed by welding steel wires together at their intersections. Welded steel wire mesh offers great strength and versatility; it will not fray or unravel, is stable and rigid, has a smooth surface and has excellent concrete adhesive properties. Mesh is usually 6m long × 2.4m wide as standard. It has the properties of corrosion-resistance and oxidation-resistance with electro-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized surface treatments. It is used on reinforced concrete construction, floor slabs reinforcement, and brick wall reinforcement. We stock mesh is a wide range of wire diameters and opening sizes.



Coiled reinforcing bar (or coiled rebar) is used in the same applications as straight-length rebar, but is provided in coils. Coils are preferred by some customers with automatic straightening and cutting machines. We stock coiled rebar in various diameters to suit various applications.